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From advanced codebreakers to curious beginners, you’ll find yourself exhilarated as a key member of escape room Hamburg’s twisted tales. You only have an hour to penetrate the secrets of escape room Hamburg, so choose your story wisely. (No one is stopping you from coming back for more, but to do that, you’ll need to survive the first time!) As you try to break out of prisons, steal prized possessions and fight against terrorists, remember: Speed is everything, and the clock is ticking.  



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Charismatic in its own right, Hamburg often gets overshadowed by its big brother, Berlin. For those who enjoy a nice English flavor, Hamburg has a large population of Brits and a lovely selection of theatre. The people are easygoing, the seafood is plentiful, and the water is serene; the “Venice of the North” has more picturesque bridges and canals than any other European city. Whether standard citizen or enthusiastic traveler, you’re guaranteed a pleasant stay, thanks to Hamburg’s many available boat rides, beaches and bars.  


Fancy a jaunt into space or a window into the crime-ridden underworld? Escape room Hamburg is at your service. Become the middleman in a religious conflict you didn’t start but are responsible for finishing. Commit the perfect felony, or solve the perfect murder. You’ll discover yourself in escape room Hamburg, and may need to call on your partners to help you--regardless of how you get there, escape room Hamburg will show you who you really are.