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If you’ve never dared to try out escape room Berlin before, you’re in for a wild ride. As Berlin is a city that’s experienced a lot of past political upheaval, it’s only fair that escape room Berlin offers its players a chance to influence the government and get involved in keeping its citizens safer--or in taking them over. The choices you make in escape room Berlin might send you crawling through tunnels or breaking out of underground bunkers, so make sure you come prepared to brave the worst!



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A city that combines some difficult history with incredible nightlife, Berlin gives you the chance to soul-search during the day and take a load off at night. Of course, the infamous Berlin wall deserves attention, particularly at the culturally telling East Side Gallery, as does the neoclassical Brandenburger Tor. There are a smattering of boho-chic neighborhoods replete with shops and cafes that look rundown on the outside but are charmingly hip and old-school on the inside, which adds an element of discovery as you survey The Grey City’s food and bar scene. You’ll stumble upon greenery and memorials when you walk between museums and monuments, but you may not want to slow down--Rausch Schokoladenhaus is one of the world’s best chocolate shops, and it’s waiting for your arrival!

In keeping with the soul-searching theme, escape room Berlin forces you to confront who you are and answer questions about yourself that you might not have thought to ask. Do you have the guts to pull off a museum heist, or the courage to prevent a terrorist attack? Can you successfully flee from a Berlin madman chasing you through an insane asylum, or rescue a colleague from solitary confinement? As you charge through escape room Berlin’s 60 minutes of galvanizing escapades, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for--but the results might not be what you expected.