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Tel Aviv has the ability to make you lose sight of the fact that you’re smack-dab in the center of the Middle East, and escape room Tel Aviv makes you forget that you’re in a city at all. From time travel to nightmares that become alive, escape room Tel Aviv takes most of your guts and all of your concentration. You’ll need to keep a cool head as you lead your friends and family through 60-minutes of rifling through riddles and sifting through secrets, if you ever hope to make it out in time!  



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You haven’t seen trendy if you’ve never been to Tel Aviv, what with the myriad of graffiti-covered cafes, boutique shopping, and bustling nightlife. The perfect Tel Aviv morning consists of a shakshuka breakfast as you nurse a café hafuch (your colloquial way of saying “cappuccino”), and then head to the beach. Relax under sand smoother than butter, and if you’re there at the right time, you may catch a bohemian drum circle or Israeli folk dancing whirling at your feet. Then, you can take a leisurely stroll by the port, before going to explore the stone-covered streets, flea markets and galleries of Old Jaffa. See what kinds of bargains you can strike at the Carmel Market, and nourish your artistic side as you scour Nachalat Binyamin for one-of-a-kind collection pieces. Whether you’re searching for sun and sand or interested in an action-packed adventure, Tel Aviv undoubtedly has your back.

But your adventure would be lacking without sticking a toe into the escape room Tel Aviv waters. Escape room Tel Aviv lets you grapple with some very real-life Middle-Eastern conflicts, as you join a task force that goes head-to-head with a discovered terrorist cell. Uncover the clues hiding beneath a wine cellar to be transported into an ancient world, or let escape room Tel Aviv reconfigure your reality into a circus of machines and fighting dolls that you must riddle your way out of. From wild animals roaming the streets to rogue planes that are missing their captains, escape room Tel Aviv never ceases to amaze and doesn’t fail to disappoint.