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Escape room Amsterdam is a world unto itself, so if you’re interested in exploring Amsterdam escape rooms (which you should be!), you’ve come to the right place. Among thrill seekers and adventure chasers, we’ve found riddle addicts to be drawn to escape room Amsterdam’s puzzles and mysteries. Like the canals that run through the city, escape room Amsterdam surprises its visitors with twists and turns, secrets and history. Bring your friends, bring your families, and bring your thinking caps, because escape room Amsterdam is an Amsterdam you’ve never experienced before!  



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Amsterdam: City of art, houseboats, and rich history. Tourists know it for its tasteful and unique set of museums, coffee shops that don’t sell coffee, and notorious red light district, while locals refer to canals like they’re street signs and treat bicycles like a religion. While you’re here, you might want to visit the Van Gogh museum, take a stroll through Vondelpark, spoil yourself with a package of Stroopwafel, and stop by the infamous Anne Frank house.

But your Amsterdam experience wouldn’t be complete without visiting an escape room or two. Amsterdam’s escape rooms give you the option of being a visitor or a native, taking you from difficult spy missions to 60 minutes of jungle survival. Nourish your fantasy side by working with wizards, or immerse yourself in action as you try to catch terrorists who are threatening the city. Whichever room you pick in escape room Amsterdam, you’re guaranteed to have 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun.