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Some may find Roma’s history-heavy atmosphere to be slightly overwhelming at times, which is where escape room Roma comes in. When you’re looking for that little break from reality, escape room Roma brings you a wide variety of creative ways to, well, escape from your surroundings. Put your problem-solving skills to the test by poring over puzzles that unlock the secrets of the room and help set you free. And if you still need a break after 60 minutes of adrenaline-ridden fun? You can do it all again, in another Roma escape room!



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Visiting Roma is like taking a giant trip down a worldwide memory lane. The history that entrenches the city is willing to spill secrets in every corner and crevice, if only you’re prepared to hear what it has to say. From classy cafés to famous Colosseum, the bustling metropolis incorporates must-see architecture with delectable delights that will keep all of your senses permanently satiated.

Escape room Roma will add just the right garnish to your Roma dessert. Whether it’s sadistic scientists you’re running from or cracking the Vatican’s secret codes, escape room Roma brings you a cocktail of psychological thrill mixed with the flavor of the city itself. If you’re spending your days walking among Roman ruins and sipping beer in Trastevere, then you’re doing something right, but make sure to leave a night free for the unforgettable escape room experience Roma brings to the table!