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Welcome to escape room New York, where sophistication meets diversity in a series of mysterious rooms that only you can figure out the secrets of. From the quaint and classy to the dark and dangerous, escape room New York brings you a variety of themes that are as diverse as the citizens and neighborhoods of the city itself. Whether you’re cruising Midtown solo or in the midst of a family outing on the Upper West Side, there’s a place for everyone in escape room New York’s hour-long festivities.



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Known for its Manhattan skyline and impeccable variety of Broadway musical theater, The Big Apple is a vibrant and colorful city that has been the subject of many a song and dream. You haven’t lived if you’ve never tried a New York bagel, which you can do as you stroll through Central Park or shop in Little Italy. Stop by the Met or MoMA for your daily dose of culture, or take a ferry out to the infamous Statue of Liberty so you can see where it all began. Between the bustling streets of Times Square and nightlife that doesn’t cease until morning light, you’ll never find yourself bored in NYC.

New York is famous for being the city that never sleeps, and escape room NYC is no exception. Treat yourself to a college throwback by entering the room of Hangover II, or try something a little more prim and proper in a 60 minute, Victorian-themed enigma. You might want to take your frustrations out on the daily grind by literally trying to escape work--a true-to-New York escape room experience--or live the American dream as you embark on a city-wide treasure hunt. Spanning questionable cafes to submerged submarines, escape room New York is sure to keep you on your toes around the clock, as you try to break out of rooms locked with adventure and allure.