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It is said that people immediately feel a bit more clever when they enter London, thanks to the classiness of the city, and, well, the accents of its populace giving off an intelligent air, and this cleverness is necessary if you want to challenge yourself in escape room London. As intense as it is fun, escape room London will throw riddles at you to keep you from solving the 60 minute mystery that lets you escape. Are you ready? Gather your friends and let the magic happen when you put your heads together to puzzle your way out of London’s best escape rooms



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Dungeons, theatre, and Buckingham Palace--what’s not to love? London caters to the posh, the polished, and of course, Harry Potter maniacs. While you’re there, you’ll probably visit the iconic Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the infamous Tower of London, but England’s capital should also be noted for its incredible greenery. Pack yourself a bag of snacks (and maybe take an umbrella too, as the city tends to be a rainy one), hop on the underground, and ride your way to Regents Park, where you can climb Primrose Hill and survey the city in its entirety. With sightseeing  

in the day to watching unforgettable shows at night, your trip to London will undoubtedly be a memorable one.

 Thankfully, London brings you entertainment even on the rainy days--just visit escape room London if you don’t believe us. From sci-fi fanatics to history buffs, escape room London offers enough theme variability to keep everyone satisfied. You might have to tango with a terrifying goddess or escape a speakeasy in the ‘20’s--half the thrill is finding escape rooms in London that make you question your reality. Expect the unexpected, and let escape room London take you to places you’ve never been before--and never will be again.