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Theater lovers and performance addicts, this one’s for you. Escape room LA brings you the stage you’ve always wanted and the audience you’ve always craved (at the very least, a few friends and family members who will watch your every move). However, you can still visit the escape rooms Los Angeles offers if you’re less inclined towards the theatrical--escape room LA has its fair share of homicidal maniacs and worlds built out of dreams as well. No matter which room you pick, proceed with caution--you can never be certain of who’s a true friend, and who’s just acting.



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City of lights, city of sights. LA is a career goal for many and a vacation for the eager, what with stars and starlets roaming the streets and screenplays being served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But in addition to the obvious appeals of Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world doesn’t fall short in other areas either; see the art of the LACMA, Venice Beach, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, and Echo Park’s Victorian-style houses for reference.

This cinema and performance haven overflows into escape room Los Angeles as well, throwing you haunted theaters and giving you the chance to reverse the fate of Titanic. But the world doesn’t just run on the entertainment industry, which is why the inheritance your Granny left you might prove more lucrative, if only you can find it in under an hour. Or, you could win the escape room LA race to the locked vault inside a casino and have access to millions. Train under wizards, or uncover the cure to an epidemic where you’d least expect to. Escape room Los Angeles will delight you and surprise you--all you have to do is start playing.