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A big believer in lending a little extra helping hand, escape room Madrid often provides its players 66 minutes to solve its puzzles, and those extra 360 seconds might make the difference between getting out and being locked in forever. You will find eccentricity and eclecticism in escape room Madrid, adding a spicy flavor to the standard escape room thrills and chills. As you peruse the games below, you’ll find ways to challenge yourself that are unique to escape room Madrid, differing from any other escape room experience.



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Escape room Madrid provides a wide array of themes and imagination to its daring participants. Cheat on your exams without getting caught, turn an innocent man’s would-be last supper into a regular meal, or try to save an orphan from the walls of the very room that took her family. If you’re willing to unlock escape room Madrid’s full potential, you might find yourself headed down a new career path as a spy or scientist, Egyptologist or diamond thief. Proceed with caution but don’t be afraid to take risks: Escape room Madrid might surprise you as much as you surprise yourself.