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It’s the year 2090, and the Ebola-X virus is taking over Earth. You must fly to Pandora Moon and uncover information that can hopefully save the planet.

….Or you’re suddenly in the Middle Ages, with no idea how you ended up in this supernatural castle.

….Or you’ve survived a crash landing, and are now stranded in the middle of a jungle with no survival tools….

Shall we go on? Escape room Sydney brings you craft and creativity as it locks you away in a 60 minute rollercoaster. There’s a much longer list of the wild escape rooms Sydney has to offer; you merely have to read below to find out more.



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Sunny beaches, leafy parks, pleasing aesthetics--is there anything that Sydney doesn’t have? The architecture is great, the people are pleasant, and the mountains! Australia’s largest city and financial center is a stunning and cultural enclave that boasts a plethora of theaters, galleries, festivals and cafes. If you’re ready to be educated, take a look at the Australian Aboriginal collection in the Museum of Contemporary Art, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. You’ll find a stunning view of the city, and you can plan the rest of your journey from there.  

Escape room Sydney will be less lenient with leisure as the rest of the city, as you’ll need to move as quickly as possible if you want to escape. Try not to become a victim of maniacal doctor’s experiments, or get caught up in escape room Sydney’s Razor Gang. Protect your friends from the evil witch that’s stalking you all, and help your family uncover the riches hidden in a Mayan Temple. It’s rowdy, it's fun, but most of all, escape room Sydney is guaranteed to reel you in.