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In escape room Toronto, you’ll need to exercise patience and be prepared to learn about yourself. We would introduce you to the rooms--like the one where you must save the entire human race from vampire domination, or that hour where you get the chance to solve a murder case gone cold--but escape room Toronto presents adventures that you must choose yourself; the experiences you decide to have are very telling of who you are.



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Slightly underrated, Toronto nevertheless stands proudly as a city of substance. Catering both to the conventional and counter-cultural, it boasts a number of captivating attractions, such as the cobblestoned Distillery District and galleries sprawled amongst the city streets. You will likely be able to spot the CN Tower from anywhere in Ontario’s capital--it vastly outstands its neighboring skyscrapers--and you can make your way there for a meal overlooking the city or a ride through the Ripley’s Aquarium. Stop by the Kensington Market to fill up on spices and produce, rounding out your evening with a dive bar or two for an authentic Torontonian experience.

While Toronto’s up and coming axe-throwing fixation suggests a positive outlet for united group activity, it’s not the only Toronto avenue for team building. Escape room Toronto will teach you how to work together if you want a prayer of making it out in one piece; it’s up to your team to sink or swim. Discover yourself under the watchful eye of a sadistic surgeon, or figure out why you’ve woken up in an abandoned infirmary. Grapple with your nice and naughty sides, as you debate between becoming a convict to help your friends escape a wrongful imprisonment or simply because you want cash, and fast. If you succeed in your first escape room Toronto expedition, be warned--you might very well become addicted!