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Escape room Helsinki isn’t afraid to delve into the realm of evil, and bring you along for the terrifying ride. Combining the supernatural with playing on everyday, human fears, escape room Helsinki isn’t for the timid or easily afraid. If you do decide to enter, know that your mission is not impossible; others have run away from escape room Helsinki unscathed in the past. Afraid or not, you owe yourself and your friends the chance to win--if only you have the guts to do it.  



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Helsinki is a city that flaunts the best of both worlds, as urbanness meets nature in a collision of parks, forests, skyscrapers and sea. The architecture itself tells a whole story, spanning centuries of styles corresponding to different events in history. A hallmark of Finland and its sub-zero temperatures, saunas can be found throughout the city (both modern and old school), and you should visit at least one to get the real feel of what it’s like to be a Fin. From hearty cafe culture to wholesome harbors, the capital of Finland is a pleasant place to live and an equally enjoyable vacation spot.  

The same cannot be said of escape room Helsinki, at least without adding a few jolts of adrenaline to the mix. If you’ve ever been an intern, you’ll recognize the fear of being locked in at work with no way to leave--now just imagine your work is inside a mental hospital. There’s that shack in the woods that you know you should avoid, yet you can’t resist the temptation to go in. Can you survive a plane hijacking from great heights, or will your fear overtake you before the crash does? Will reversing a curse really save you from becoming an animal, or is your fate doomed regardless? The scenarios escape room Helsinki poses are not ones you’ve encounter in reality, but that’ll work against you--unless you manage to think outside the box.