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Escape room Melbourne is a place where motives are left to be uncovered and missing bodies try very hard to stay hidden. The disappearing acts you’ll encounter in escape room Melbourne are meant both as clues and deterrents, and chasing after them is only at your own risk. It’s up to you to decipher where your interests will be protected and which temptations are best left untouched, so pull together a team of sharp-minded investigators like yourself before braving escape room Melbourne on your own. Trust us: The best 60 minutes of your life are waiting when you do.  



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Melbourne preaches variety and diversity, unwilling to leave any of its visitors without purpose and direction. The colonial, European-like architecture is offset by cutting-edge street art that pervades the city walls, culminating in the works of the National Gallery of Victoria. Sports fans will find an endless amount of opportunity to satisfy their athletic itch, whether at the Australian Open, prestigious A-League, or the Flemington Racecourse. The fashion scene is only ever-growing, and of course, there are enough nightlife opportunities to keep you busy for days (providing you know where to look). By the end of your stay, you’ll likely consider yourself a local, since you’ll meet so many easygoing, affectionate people who already feel like family.    

Mentioning escape room Melbourne is only right when recounting the selling points of the City by the Bay. Dig deep in a mine for answers you might not have wanted to find, or brave the Burlesque to learn where all the dancers have really gone. If you have a penchant for alcoholic beverages, you may want to play detective and determine who killed a brew-master over a secret beer recipe, or maybe you’ll need to protect your homemade moonshine from the tentacles of prohibition. From navigating a different era to simply falling down the rabbit hole, escape room Melbourne will make you forget which way is up--and how to return to the person you were before you started.