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If you’ve entered the world of escape room Orlando, you’re likely coming from the Disney World experience and looking for something just as exciting. While not quite the same flavor of fun, escape room Orlando will give you an equally good time and possibly better stories to tell when you return home--that is, if you ever leave! Taste just 60 minutes of escape room Orlando’s delicacies, and you may never want to go back to real life. 



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Epcot, Universal Studios, Harry Potter World and Magic Kingdom--need we say more? Orlando is primarily renowned for Walt Disney World, but that’s not to take away from its supreme attractions, wonderful accommodations and fine dining. Golf fans have their pick of lush, green courses, and there’s a seven mile “Cultural Corridor” that holds everything its name promises--art galleries, theaters, museums, shows, etc. Easily one of the most exciting and entertaining cities around, Orlando can be summed up in a simple word: Magic.  


Unlike the ethereal leanings of the city, escape room Orlando won’t thrust you into the realm of fantasy; rather, it poses very real-life scenarios that make you think you’ve simply replaced reality forever. After you absorb the shock of your new surroundings, you’ll feel around the walls of escape room Orlando like a mime in his element. Race the mob in tracking down the gold of Clyde Hamilton, or find a way to cure the pandemic that’s about to wipe out the nation. Perhaps you’ll become a Marshall, or the captive of a dangerous Cantonese merchant ship. Let escape room Orlando take you to places you've never been, and have never imagined you could go. Trust us--it's worth it!