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Escape room Paris has the unique quality of making its players integral to the sustainability of the city, regardless of their nationality. You will play a crucial part in the development of Paris, down to its very architecture and subway system, and learn about the city through almost any escape room Paris has to offer. Fraught with adventure, adrenaline, and maybe  a little fear, escape room Paris can intimidate with its intricacies yet delight with its dangers. If you’re prepared to brave the city’s secrets, you might have a prayer of finding your way out!  



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While not the friendliest to foreigners, the French makes up for it with their admirably chic fashion, decadent pâtisseries, and assortment of fine wines, all of which are plentiful in Paris. The City of Light features attractions galore, such as the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course, the Louvre Museum, which boasts the renowned Mona Lisa painting. Veer on over to Versailles and simmer in the city’s steep history, preferably with a love interest if you have one; Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities around, what with “love locks” on the bridges and the views from the hilltops. In Paris, you can tap into some much-needed joie de vivre, to the extent that you may not want to leave.

Can escape room Paris convince you to stay in the city as well? We think so. Help rescue Parisian dancer Lise from her kidnappers, or find infamous gangster Max the loot that was stolen from him. Remake the first Harry Potter novel by becoming the hero yourself, or try to break out of La Bastille with your partners in crime. There are too many missions in escape room Paris for you to ignore--persuade your friends to brave the dangers with you, and perhaps you’ll make it through to the other side of the door.