Escape room games



Welcome to the world of mystery, adventure, team building and thrill. Sharing a passion for escape rooms, we’ve brought you a list of the best escape games found in some of the coolest cities of the world. To see what’s out there, simply click on one of the cities below and explore what they have to offer. You can filter your results by selecting your city of choice from the drop down menu above, and choosing the number of players you want to accommodate.


If you haven’t yet experienced the 60-minute-adventure that’s taken the world by storm, then you’re definitely missing out on the trendiest form of entertainment around. Combining teamwork and intellect with sheer fun, the best escape room games bring you the thrill of suspense and the skills to solve your way out of any puzzle.While the first escape room-like game was created in Japan circa 2007, they have become a global hit just within the last two years. Nowadays, you can find some of the best escape rooms in cities like NYC, Roma, Tel Aviv and Barcelona; the more hip the city, the more interesting the escape games.

So what is an escape room, exactly?

From torture chamber to underwater spy world, the best escape room games out there incorporate amusing themes with intricate clues to give you an hour of complete fun. There’s nothing more enjoyable than experiences that can be shared, which is why each escape room game typically ranges from 2-7 people at a time. You and your teammates are locked in a room for 60 minutes, and must use collaboration and intellect to solve the clues that help you escape before the clock runs out. For those looking for a more competitive thrill, many of the best escape games have multiple rooms available with the same theme, so you can team up with friends and race against the room next door. 

Whether it’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon, your weekend family outing or a bachelor party gone creative, escape room games are a solution for everyone. Between being Locked in Tel Aviv, stuck in Escape Room Roma, sneaked into Secret Rooms Barcelona and found within Enigma Rooms in Milan, you’ll have enough worldwide entertainment to keep you occupied for a lifetime. If you have any questions that weren’t answered in the previous “what is an escape room?” paragraph, check out some of the other cities above to see what their specific escape rooms have to offer. 


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